Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Midwest Haiku

Summertime driving

Windows down, thunderstorm sky

Dreaming of escape

Dream Haiku

This is what I have

more love than I could hope for

dreams of better things

Heartbreak Haiku

My heart breaks in half

you and I, digging a grave

wishing love farewell

Caesar Haiku

Black cat shadows haunt

your absence is everywhere

there is no solace.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

This is as much as I know:
That flying through the night
Is a wingless dance of
Moments tiny and immense
Wrapped in endless complications
Stained with wine
Sticky with dried coca-cola
The stars are so close
You could scoop them into your carry-on bag and
Smuggle them out of the sky
I flow through this world
Serving hot meals
Refilling wine glasses
Collecting the cast-off discards
Consoling babies
Soothing those electrified with fear
There is everything here
Hope and pain
Wide-eyed awe
Sleeping and waking
Anger and love
These deliciously complex
Tenderly tormented beings
sharing the sky with me tonight
There is death here too
Oh yes
The windswept depths of grief
But also there are angels
Wingbeats and whispered blessings
Carrying us through the night
And into the first golden moments
Of dawn

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Standing at the Edge

The veil between the worlds wears thin and fragile;
The cracks are beginning to show,
And as they roll out the dead
Passions run high and deep...
The world is at once larger and smaller than you imagine.
Each tiny thing looms epic,
While the great tragedies feel like a simple degree of density.
I don't know whether to pray or drink;
If I should be letting go or fiercely holding tight,
Stockpiling cans and drinking water,
or selling everything I own.
I am standing here, in this moment,
watching the apocalypse unfold--
laughing and crying
At the same time...
I can't imaging being anywhere but here.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012